Do dreams ever come true?????????

I was sitting here thinking about all the different things that I had wanted to do in my life that i have not got to do yet. That made me wonder do our dreams actually come true or do they just change over time as we get older?

I have always wanted to be able to do office work, Then it changed to computers and now it is blogging and web design that catches my interest. Now i have been looking into how to get started in that without having to go to school for it and not sure if  I will be able to do it on my own like I want to.  So this makes me wonder if my dream will come true or if it will have to change over time like it always has too.


Judged by others online

This is something that i have seen happening a lot lately. My brother makes mods for a online game and posts them online.  There he has seen so many people judge his things and put bad comments on it. Just because its not exactly like you would want is it right to judge someone that is doing their best and has self taught themselves to do this?

I am trying my best to get started in web design and blogging and i am sure that i will run into the same thing. People don’t look at how far a person has came when they start doing things but look at the product they put out and think that is the best they will do.

I would love for people to help me get started doing blogging and web design to get paid for it and welcome all the helpful hints and tricks that anyone can tell me.

Snotty comments made online and in person

Me and my brother came up with this idea that there is so many snotty comments that are made online and even to people in general that I am going to make a blog about it. Every day or maybe even several times a day I will quote a snotty comment and tell about it. I will tell about where it happened and who it happened to. I figure this is one way that i can get over the snotty comments that have been made either to me or to others. Maybe this will also help make the people that make snotty comments and not realize or even care about how it affects others realize how bad it does affect people.